Ancient Keys DX

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Long ago, the Mushroom Kingdom was founded by the mushroom people. This would, naturally, become the backdrop for the future adventures of the Mario brothers. However, things were tense in the early days of the kingdom. In an attempt to free themselves of what they considered unbearable conditions, a faction of toads willingly exiled themselves from the Mushroom Kingdom, to create their own nation. This country would become known as Sporalia.

Centuries later, however, and few remember this tale. The nation of Sporalia has fallen through the pages of history. But despite this, a legend has been spread by the historians dedicated enough to know about it: that contained within the royal palace is treasure beyond speculation.

-A greatly expanded game world, featuring multiple areas
-Expanded storyline
-New moves and abilities
-A new subweapon system inspired by that of Castlevania
-Multiple boss battles
-A map system comparable to that of Super Ancient Keys
-An original 2A03 NES soundtrack that isn't some song I used without permission (sorry about that, Gors)